First Lutheran Church of Brainerd, MN


The Church Council believes one of the first steps on the Road to Revitalization at First Lutheran is to ensure we are a welcoming church - everything from our building, our website, to worship services and being greeted by congregation members. We have finalized a Guest Survey. The Guest Survey can be completed online below or you can print a copy of it also.

Ways the Guest Survey can be used:
  • When visiting another church please take this form with you. Complete it with your observations of your experience and return it to the First Lutheran Church office. This will help give our church new ideas. As you travel to other churches for Confirmation or other reasons during this season, please consider completing a guest survey on your experience.
  • When you have guests, please ask them to complete the guest survey on their experience at our church. Turn this into the Church Office. Survey results will be compiled to help us on continuous improvement.
  • The guest survey can also be used to conduct a walk-through of the church. If you have friends who don't attend First Lutheran, and they are willing to do a walk-through of the building, please use the Guest Survey to jot down notes of things that need attention, i.e., signage, trip hazards, etc.