First Lutheran Church of Brainerd, MN

Sunday School PreK-12th Grade

Students will be actively engaged in learning Bible stories by singing, crafts, participating in the Christmas program, instruction, and more! Sunday School meets every Sunday between services in the sanctuary. Sunday school ends each Sunday in classrooms and students are dismissed to their guardians by 10:20 am.

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2019-2020 Sunday School Schedule

September 2019

15th - God’s Creation

3 year old's & 3rd graders receive Bibles during 8am Worship

22nd - Noah and the Great Flood

          29th - God’s Promise to Abraham

October 2019

          6th - Abraham and Sarah Have a Baby

          13th - Isaac and Rebekah Find Each Other

                    Sunday School Kids sing during 8 am service

          20th - Fall Break, No Sunday School

          27th - Jacob and Esau

November 2019

          3rd - Jacob Works for 14 Years

          10th - Jacob Wrestles an Angel

          17th - Joseph and His Brothers

          24th - Christmas Program parts assigned. Moses is Born

December 2019

          1st - Thanksgiving Break, No Sunday School

          4th - Christmas Program Practice (6:30 pm)

          8th - Christmas Program Practice

          11th - Christmas Program Practice (6:30 pm)

          14th - Christmas Program Practice & Dress Rehearsal 9 am to 11 am

          15th - Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal

                    Christmas Program during 10:30 worship service.

          22nd - Christmas Break, No Sunday School

          29th - Winter Break, No Sunday School

January 2020

          5th - Moses and the Burning Bush

          12th - Following God’s Voice

          19th - Moses and the Red Sea

          26th - Bread from Heaven

February 2020

          2nd -  Moses Gets the Ten Commandments

          9th - Thou Shall Not Have No Other Gods Before Me

                    Kids sing during 8 am worship before Children’s Sermon

          16th - Remember the Sabbath Day By Keeping It Holy

          23rd - Honor Thy Father and Mother

March 2020

          1st - Thou Shalt Not Steal

          8th - Thou Shalt Not Lie

          15th - Joshua Receives God’s Promise

          22nd - Rahab Rats on the Bad Guys

          29th - Joshua Collapses Walls of Jericho

April 2020  

          5th -   Palm Sunday, Kids process in and sing during both services.

                    Joshua Forgot to Ask God, Easter Projects      

          12th - Happy Easter, No Sunday School

          19th - What’s Wrong with Israel’s Memory

          26th - Deborah is Underestimated

May 2020

          3rd - God Uses the Smallest Again

          10th - Gideon’s Army is Small like Gideon

          17th - Delilah Betrays Samson

          24th - Happy Memorial Day - No Sunday School