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Confirmation meets each Wednesday from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm in Koinonia Hall, during the school year. It involves deeper study on the Christian faith and life and includes fellowship, service and parent-child discussion. Come for dinner at 5:00 and stay for Meet & Potatoes Worship at 5:30, followed by Confirmation at 6:30. At FLC Brainerd, confirmation is for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.  










Christian Education 2016-17

Click the link below the calendar if you would like a printable copy.


7th Confirmation Orientation

11th Rally Day – The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin Luke 15:1-10 Sunday School Extravaganza Messy Munchies – Genesis

14th LIGHT School Confirmation -- Creation

18th Two Masters Luke 16:1-13 Sunday School

21st LIGHT School Confirmation – The Fall

25th The Parable of the Rich Man Luke 16:19-31 Sunday School -- 3 yr olds and 3rd Graders get bibles at 10:30 worship) Walk thru Bible Pizza Party at 11:30

28th LIGHT Confirmation – People of Promise 1


2nd A Seed of Faith Luke 17:5-10 --- Homecoming week Sunday School

Note: Sunday School Teacher check in at 10:30 am

5th LIGHT Confirmation – BAY Rally (6:30 to 8 pm)

Guide check in at 5:45

9th Ten Men Healed Luke 17:11-19 Sunday School

Note: SS Kids sing at 10:30 worship

Messy Munchies – Noah Lesson

12th LIGHT School Confirmation – People of Promise 2

16th Jacob Wrestles Genesis 32:22-31 Sunday School

Note: 11 AM worship at Tornstrom with other Lutheran Churches

19th LIGHT -- No Wednesday Activities due to MEA Weekend

Confirmation -- No Wednesday Activities due to MEA Weekend

23rd The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Luke 18:9-14 Sunday School


26th LIGHT School Confirmation -- Moses 30 Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10 Sunday School


2nd LIGHT Confirmation – Of Tents and Kings

6th The Sadducees’ Question Luke 20:27-38 K-3

9th LIGHT School Confirmation – Psalms and Wisdom

13th God’s Love is Forever Luke 21:5-19

Messy Munchies – Abraham and Sarah

Sunday School Note: Extended Music/Program Time

16th LIGHT School Confirmation – Thanksgiving Basket Project

20th The Day Jesus Died Luke 23:33-43

Sunday School Note: Extended Music/Program time

23rd LIGHT -- No Wednesday Activities due to Thanksgiving Eve Services Confirmation

No Wednesday Activities due to Thanksgiving Eve Services

27th God Will Bring Peace Isaiah 2:1-5 No Sunday School -- Thanksgiving Break

30th LIGHT School Confirmation – Voice of the Prophets

Guide Meeting at 5:45 pm


4th God’s Peaceful World Isaiah 11:1-10

Sunday School Note: Extended music/program time

Family Advent Festival 4:00 Pm

7th LIGHT School Confirmation – Old Testament Test

11th John the Baptist Matthew 11:1-10

Messy Munchies—Jesus is Born

Sunday School Note: Extended Music/Program time

14th LIGHT School Confirmation – Operation Sandwich Christmas Project/ Retest

18th Angels Visit Matthew 1:18-25

Sunday School Program Rehearsal

Program at 10:30 am

Potluck lunch to follow at 11:30

21st LIGHT -- None due to Christmas Break

Confirmation – None due to Christmas Break


4th LIGHT – No Class Confirmation - Guide Meeting/ No Class

8th Jesus’ Baptism Matthew 3:13-23Sunday School

Messy Munchies 

11th LIGHT School Confirmation –Jesus the Prophet

15th The Lamb of God John 1:29-42 Sunday School

Special Event due to Martin Lutheran King Jr Day

18th LIGHT Confirmation – Jesus the Priest

22nd The Disciples Matthew 4:12-23, 9:9-13, 10:1-4 Sunday School

25th LIGHT Confirmation –Jesus the Servant King

29th The Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12 Sunday School


1.) SS Kids sing at 10:30 worship

2.) Youth Led worship at both services

3.) Annual Meeting at 11:30


1st LIGHT Confirmation – Special Event

5th Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-20 Sunday School

8th LIGHT Confirmation – No Class due to Retreat on 2/10-11

12th Jesus Teaches about Anger Matthew 5:21-37 Sunday SChool

Messy Munchies – Anger Lesson 

15th LIGHT Confirmation – Acts and the Early Church

19th Love your Enemies Matthew 5:38-48 Sunday School Special Event due to President’s Day

22nd LIGHT Confirmation – Writings of Paul

26th The Transfiguration Matthew 17:1-13 Sunday School


1st (Ash Wednesday) LIGHT -- None

Confirmation – Mentoring

5th The First Sin-Sunday School

Messy Munchies

Note: Sunday School Kids sing at 10:30

8th LIGHT Confirmation –Lenten Mentoring

12th Abram’s Call Genesis 12:1-9 No Sunday School due to School Spring Break

15th Confirmation – Lenten Mentoring

19th Women at the Well Sunday School Note: Easter Craft Project for Service project

22nd LIGHT School Confirmation – Lenten Mentoring

26th Pool of Siloam John 4:5-42 Sunday School

29th LIGHT School Confirmation -- Lenten Mentoring


2nd Lazarus John 11:1-45 Sunday School

Note: Extended music time for Palm Sunday practice

5th LIGHT Confirmation – Lenten Mentoring

9th Holy Week Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-11, 26:14-27:66

Messy Munchies

Sunday School

Note: Kids carry palms at both worship services and sing

Jr/Sr Pancake Breakfast

12th No LIGHT School-- Holy Week No Confirmation – Holy Week

13th Maundy Thursday – First Communion

16th Easter The Empty Tomb Matthew 28:1-10

No Sunday School

Easter Breakfast

19th LIGHT School Confirmation -- Hebrew and Catholic Letters

23rd Doubting Thomas John 20:19-31 Sunday School

26th LIGHT School Confirmation-- Revelation

30th The Road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-35 Sunday SChool


 3rd LIGHT School Confirmation – New Testament Test

7th Early Believers Acts 2:43-47; 4:32-37 Sunday School

10th LIGHT Confirmation—Wrap Up/Service Project/ Retest

14th God’s House John 14:1-14

Messy Munchies Sunday School





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